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4 Must-Wear Shades From The Amazing Spider-Man Nail Polish Collection

4 Must-Wear Shades From The Amazing Spider-Man Collection

The Amazing Spider-Man hits cinemas today, and to pay tribute to the flick, OPI has launched a seven-shade line-up inspired by the film. Not only does the collaboration include polishes that pay homage to Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield's characters in the movie, but there's also a shimmery shatter top coat that we can't get enough of. Watch to see which colours are our top heroes from the collection.

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Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield are teaming up for the new Amazing Spider-Man movie, and what better way to get tangled up in the hype than a new polish collection from OPI. This six piece collection is inspired by the latest Spider-Man movie, and whether you're a huge comic book junkie or just in the market in the market for a fresh new polish there's something for everyone. Here's our four favorites. One of the more feminine shades in the collection is Call Me Gwen-ever, which is based off of Emma Stone's character, Gwen Stacy in the film. It's a coral, tangerine shade with a tropical vibe, which makes it perfect for warmer weather. Now, though orange can be hard to wear. This one is flattering on all skin tones. You can't have a Spider-Man nail collection without Spidey's signature blue. Into the night is a midnight blue with a hint of shimmer. It's eye-catching, but a little bit more on the conservative side so that you can wear it to the office or a meeting without feeling out of place. It's a bit pale with only two coats, so apply three for a deeper shape. Just Spotted The Lizard is a polish that's gonna take off in this collection. Now in the bottle, it looks like it could be a hunter green with blue undertones, but on the nail it looks more like a sea foam color. It lives up to lizard inspired character because it has an iridescent quality to it, kind of like reptile scales. One of our favorite polishes from this collection is a top shatter coat, Shatter to Scales. Now this one adds drama to every color in the collection and is an easy nail art inspired look. It's a step-up from your normal shattered coat because it glitters in the sun. The entire collection is available in stores in May, which gives you enough time to try them out before the movie debuts in July. I'm Kirbie and thanks for watching FabSugar TV.

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