Alexa Chung's Hair is Inspired by Mike Jagger

Alexa Chung's Unlikely Hair Icons: Mick Jagger & Bryan Jones

During today's 30 Days of Fashion and Beauty press conference where we asked international ambassador Alexa Chung her top five beauty products and the favourite things in her wardrobe, she also revealed some unlikely hair heroes. When asked about her famous haircut, the 27-year-old DJ and TV presenter said; "Basially I've got massive ears and really thin hair so the only thing to cover those two things up is to have a shaggy bob." Citing Mike Jagger and the late Bryan Jones as her hair heroes, Alexa says: "All my heroes are men. They're my hair heroes. If you ask for a Mick Jagger circa '76 maybe it'll turn out like this!" So now you know!

Source: Getty