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Drew Barrymore's Hair Stylish Shares His Secrets to Her Look

The Secrets Behind Drew Barrymore's Most-Loved Hairstyles

Drew Barrymore is a colour chameleon, updating her style frequently simply by changing the look and length of her hair. Drew's stylist, Byron Williams of the Byron & Tracey salon in Beverly Hills, talked with us about the inspiration behind some of Drew's best styles — along with a few tips on how anyone can get the looks at home.

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Drew Barrymore's hairstyles are constantly evolving, and we love how she isn't afraid to change things up. I'm here to talk to Drew's stylist, Byron Williams at the Byron ; Tracey Salon in Beverly Hills to see the secrets behind her best look. So we know that Drew is like a color chameleon. She's changing her look constantly. What's the key to achieving long, beautiful, healthy locks after you've been dying it a lot? She knows that she has to take care of it. She sort of kind of basically stay away from heat. She doesn't really blow dry it. That one actually she dried it natural. She was going to this event. I just kind of put a few curls and a curling iron through right here and there. So is her hair naturally wavy? It looks effortless and really pretty. It is. It was. She actually washes it and she just kind of tried natural. So if you don't have perfect hair like Drew, what can you do to achieve this very natural wave? You can actually kind of mimic it with a curling iron. If it's really straight, you don't want to damage it from blow drying it so much. You can actually braided, a two ponytail braid, and you can sleep with it and make it a little wavy. What's one thing people should know before committing to a bob? It's classic, it's timeless, it's always kind of elegant but yet sexy. You have to know your bone structure. You have to know your jaw, not too square, not too round. Knowing about your jaw line and your neck line and then you can kind of play with it how short you can go with it bob. When Drew came in and wanted to chop all her hair off, like, what was the inspiration Did she just say, "I'm sick of my long hair"? What was it? She was thinking about doing a bob, and then I said, "Well, why don't we do like a Kim Basinger?" And then we just kind of did that. Sort of like 80s and, I mean, like, it's kind of fun to work with them when they want to try different things. Is there anything that Drew has wanted you to do to your hair that you just won't do at all? Cut wise and style wise it's, we always make it sort of simple. She's more bold with the color. I think she also knows what length works for her. She knows what, well, her bone structure that she has, what works for her. Drew frequently goes from short to really long. Do you have any secret weapons or products that you recommend to her while she's growing her hair out or to get long hair immediately? To achieve that look, obviously you have to get the Ombre. If the length is not long enough, then of course, you know, the extension clip in. You can do tape on now. There's a new tape where you can actually, it's a little Scotch tape thing. It's a double stick tape. Oh, cool. So you put it on, you put it on your scalp and it stays for, like, three days. So for Drew's Golden Globes look the year that she won, how do you get a sleek and updo? A simple blow dry and then, you know, obviously she parted. Where you feel comfortable parting your, like, what fits for your face structure, so whether like all the way to the side, to either the center or a little bit the other side, she just kind of did a very simple, glamorous, chic, clean look. Drew is sure to wow with any look she has, and we can't wait to see what she has coming up next. Be sure to tweet us your favorite Drew look at Bella Sugar on Twitter. I'm Kirby and thanks for watching Bella Sugar TV.

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