Madonna's Makeup Artist Gina Brooke Shares Her Top Mascara Application Tips

Six Must-Have Mascara Tips From Madonna's Makeup Artist

Does the name Gina Brooke mean anything to you? If not, then sit tight, it soon will do. The ah-mazing makeup artist is on Madonna's speed dial — they've been working together on everything from world tours, campaigns and red carpet looks to magazine shoots and movies for eight years now — and regularly works with David Beckham, Naomi Campbell, Gisele, Katy Perry, Justin Timberlake and pretty much every other A-list face out there. In short, she's big news. 'Specially when it comes to lashes.

The creator of The Most Expensive Lashes in the world — diamond-encrusted mink falsies for Madonna's Confessions Tour in 2005 (which carried a US$10,000 price tag) — and the driving force behind the slew of lash bars that we have today, Gina is the International Creative Director of cult LA brand Hourglass. We caught up with her in Sydney today to talk mascara application, and just in case you're wondering, her mascara of choice is the NEW Film Noir Full Spectrum Mascara ($42) . . .

TIP #1: Never pump. Ever. Sure it's an oldie, but a goldie, according to Gina. Once air gets in and dries the formula out, you can wave buh-bye to your mascara for good.

Keep reading . . .TIP #2: Always remove the excess. Wondering why you're in Clumpville right about now? Umm, because you forgot to remove the excess mascara from the tip of the brush. Dab it against the top of the mascara tube and you're good to go.

TIP #3: Curl your lashes first.

TIP #4: Turn your head to the side, now look at the mirror with just your eye — leave your head turned to the side. This is how you should apply mascara. Instead of pulling lashes up, you're pulling them out into that fan effect that you oh-so want. Genius.

TIP #5: Wiggle the wand from side to side during application. You don't need to worry about twisting the wand in a circular motion, but wiggling it will ensure even distribution fo the product.

TIP #6: Turn the wand 45 degrees so that it's vertical and coat the tips of your lashes using a window washer motion — right to left. Then do one more horizontal application — 2-3 coats in total, Gina recommends — and it's lash-o-RAMA.

Stay tuned, we'll be bringing you more from Gina like the best primer in the world that's been road-tested by Madonna and what David Beckham's like to work with . . .