Nail Art at Tibi 2014 Spring New York Fashion Week

Tibi Brings New Meaning to Nail Art

Tibi Spring 2014

"Now, grunge is much more like faux grunge, where we have perfect skin and a little smooshed eyeliner," said Alice Lane, lead makeup artist at Tibi's Spring 2014 show. "If you're going to do grunge on your eyes, you have to make sure your skin is perfect. That is the way I think grunge is elevated to now." The beauty look mixed elements of bohemian and grunge for a traveled-in style, including dewy skin, mussed hair, and nail art with a hidden message. Maybelline Colour Tattoo in Too Cool ($11.95) was splattered along the lids, with Lane encouraging her team to get creative; each girl had a customised look. The hair was made to look as if the girls had just woken up from a long nap in the backseat of the car. Lead stylists Kevin Ryan and Frank Rizzieri used a flatiron to create a divot in the style for that worn-in road-trip look.

Keeping with the bohemian theme, Jin Soon Choi painted nails in a pale blue-gray shade with obsidian-hued lines drawn on the middle three fingers. Put together, the sign formed the symbol meaning "alright." It seems Tibi wants us to talk to the hand (pun intended).