Olivia O'Neil Loses Her Beauty Pageant Crown in New Zealand

Beauty Queen Loses Her Crown For Dyeing Her Hair. Fo' Real

It's more crazy than Olive's routine in Little Miss Sunshine. Fifteen-year-old Kiwi Olivia O'Neil has been stripped of her Miss Teen Wanganui crown for dying her hair from blonde to dark brown. When the pageant organiser, Barbara Osborne, saw it, she asked, "Is that a wig? I hope it is. Don't give me heart failure." Our plucky pageant queen declared that it was indeed her real hair colour, and that if Osborne didn't approve, then beauty pageantry might not be the right world for her. That's when things got ridic, with Osborne saying, "Well, you better decide, miss. Hand over your crown with an attitude like that. I'm sure someone will step into your place with manners." So Olivia did just that, at which point the organiser told the teenager that she "would not go far in this world." The world in which pretty much every woman dyes her hair? Riiiiiiiight. Do you think Liv should've been able to keep her crown? Is hair dye a serious offense? Or is this yet another reason why beauty pageant = FAIL?