Olivia Palermo's Beauty Tips and Advice

Olivia Palermo Shares Her Beauty Secrets

Us Sugar girls have been fans of super-stylish Olivia Palermo ever since she graced our screens in The City, so we were green with envy to hear that FabUK ran in to her at London Fashion Week. Interestingly, she was really lovely and nothing like the character she's portrayed as on TV.

Olivia was in town to celebrate the launch of her new short film which is a showcase of Matches' in-house label, Freda, and features Liv dancing around a bedroom trying on clothes. At the movie launch, this is what she said of her beauty routine . . .

You always have flawless makeup; what are your favourite brands? I LOVE Guerlain makeup. I love that it's an old company. The makeup is super soft too and the shades they do are great.

Tell us about your beauty routine. Do you spend a lot of time getting ready? You know, it's really funny. I’m actually very easy-going. People assume I’m this super high-maintenance person but I’m not at all. I throw it on and I go out.

Keep reading . . .What's your favourite skincare brand? For all my skincare I go to my dermatologist Dr. Dennis Gross in New York. He does everything and is fantastic.

Do you have any secret must-have beauty products we should know about? Now that would be telling! I do love Johnson's® Baby Powder ($3.62), though. It smells lovely and is quite nostalgic.

What fragrance are you wearing? It's just me.

Stockists: Johnson's® Baby (1800 029 979)

Photos courtesy of Matches