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Product Review of John Frieda Go Blonder Lightening Spray

Get Beachy-Blonde Highlights in a Snap

At-home lightening sprays have been notorious for turning hair orange in the past, but today's versions promise brass-free strands. John Frieda Go Blonder Lightening Spray ($17.99) claims to give you the beach look sans the unwanted undertones, but does it really work? Find out our results now.

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John Frieda's Controlled Lightening Spray claims to brighten the hair and up the blonde factor whether you're a natural blonde or you color your hair. So today, I'm gonna put it to the test to see if it does exactly what it says it will, provide bold color without a trip to the salon and without that dreaded orange tint. Okay. So who remembers Sun In? It seems like we've all tried the old school hair brightener and inevitably our hair never look sunkissed, instead it turned out some wacky orange color. But John Frieda spray is the fun adult version of the product that promises to deliver real results without any brassy tones. Now it's made especially for blondes. So brunettes, do not try this product at home. Here's how it works. Apply to damp hair and style and after three to five uses, your roots and highlights should appear brighter. Also, it's recommended that you apply and then you keep styling to speed up the lightening effect. So curl your hair, straighten it, or blow dry, whatever you usually do to help brighten quickly. So for four days I'm going to apply it to this side of my hair so we can see the results if there are any. I've used the spray four times now and I've noticed a natural-looking difference in just a few days. The parts of my hair that were blonde before got even blonder. But one thing I did notice is because my roots are darker, they take on more of a golden tone instead of a buttery bottle blonde. But that makes sense because this product is not recommended for darker shades of hair, but I like it because the golden tones complement my hair and make it more multidimensional. it does what it says it will. If you're an ash blonde or darker, I wouldn't use this product because you probably could end up orange. But for light blondes, this is an easy way to touch up in between colorings It saves time and money from the salon and more time at the beach. I'm Kirby and thanks for watching BellaSugar TV.

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