Top 10 Rosehip Oils: Trilogy Rosehip Oil, Kora Organics

The Top 10: Skin-Nourishing Rosehip Oil

The Top 10: Skin-Nourishing Rosehip Oil

Partied a little too hard last night? You need some rosehip oil, stat. If you haven't already heard, using rosehip oil as a serum under your moisturiser is one of the best skincare decisions you'll ever make. Known for its healing properties, high dose of vitamin A (perfect for congested skin), ability to lighten imperfections like acne scarring and sun spots, super anti-aging benefits but most importantly: hydration. It is a cheap but very effective alternative to a standard serum. Two things to note:

Pay attention to the label. You want good quality rosehip (Chile and South Africa supply to a lot of brands), and a solvent-free extraction process. The benefits of the rosehip bud can be near obsolete if it isn't extracted properly. Look out for words like certified organic, cold-pressed and wild harvested.

Remember to exfoliate. While oily, congested skin will really benefit from using rosehip oil (the vitamin A helps aid cell turnover), it's important you exfoliate weekly to help move any build-up. Try a chemical exfoliant as its less traumatising to already agitated skin.