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Trial the Neutrogena® Oil-Free Acne Stress Control™ Range

Skin Stressing You Out? Take the Neutrogena® Stress-Free Challenge

74 percent of women say they get more spots when they're stressed. Given that 56 percent of young women admit to feeling insecure and self-conscious when they have blemishes or acne, it's a vicious circle of stress and breakouts that's hard to escape from.

So what's the solution: less stress, less spots, right? Sounds simple, but how do you make it happen?

Join us on the Neutrogena® Stress-Free Challenge, that's how. The latest products that have been causing buzz in the US have just landed on our shores and are set to make your life that little bit less stressful. Neutrogena® Oil-Free Acne Stress Control™ Power-Cream Wash and Neutrogena® Oil-Free Acne Stress Control™ Power-Clear Scrub™ are priced at $14.99 each, making them an affordable regimen for anyone trying to fight breakouts before they emerge. They're perfect for everyone, because whether you have one blemish or 100, you still know what it's like to feel that stress and discomfort.

WE WANT YOU to join us on the Neutrogena® Stress-Free Challenge and see what a difference less stress can make to your skin. To be in with a chance of being picked to trial the products, simply share with us in the comments section your worst I-can't-believe-this-is-happening-to-me-now blemish moment. Mine? Two words. School formal.

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Bnnnn Bnnnn 5 years
I fell down when I get blackheads or blemishes, sometimes products cover well and other days its seems nothing works, most of the time I stay home if I dont feel good about my skin as confidence or lack of it shows and people can spot it a mile away, but if there are products out there to try and help I will be first in line
cupidpout cupidpout 5 years
I only get a few pimples a month, but my face is COVERED in blackheads! They're mainly little ones, not large enough to extract, but closely together it looks like my face is covered in little black dots. I've tried heaps of problems to remove them - but nothing works! It makes be frustrated, because I'm a beauty nut and I can't do anything about it. :(
Edlie Edlie 5 years
Pimples and blackheads, urrrgh. I only realilsed about 2 months ago how bad the blackheads were on my nose. I sent a lot of money on the 'instant fix' products (which didnt work) so have been slowly getting fading them through exfoliation, cleansing and masks. Pimples are just annoying - mine always come at the worst time - interviews etc! I do what i can with concealer and powder, make sure my makeup everywhere else looks nice, and try and get on with my day :>)
rainygem rainygem 6 years
The big red pimple that situates itself between your eyebrows making you look like a white indian.....
fig-nation fig-nation 6 years
A huge mountain of a pimple on the day of my ten year school everyone still thinks I still the spotty faced girl!
Hopez Hopez 6 years
35 and still have awful skin - blotchy cheeks on wedding day, exploding nose pimple for graduation day, black head scars the size of craters! Need I say more? :(
claireabella claireabella 6 years
School photos, have a huge white head on my lip, so I squeezed it and it created a huge red scabby mark which looked like I had a huge burn, it was an absolute disaster.
mummy23kids mummy23kids 6 years
Mine, wedding eve and I tried to squeeze it which made it worse
stakky32 stakky32 6 years
I work a 4-weeks-on, 1-week-off roster, and the stress of getting everything done before I go out on R&R means I spend my week off with a face full of break-outs :(
Autumns_Elegy Autumns_Elegy 6 years
When I sprouted a massive under the skin zit on the day I had a job interview. Argh! Even concealer wouldn't cover it!
bratzgirl bratzgirl 6 years
Blind date, after waiting for weeks to meet this guy, my face decides to have a breakdown and breakout. I ended up faking an illness and staying home.
Rhonda14775831 Rhonda14775831 6 years
my wedding day is the one I remember ,waking up with a big pimple on my chin
lilijaye lilijaye 6 years
In high school (on 2 seperate years i might add)right on the morning of photo day i would get a big giant red angry pimple on the tip of my nose that no makeup would cover...needless to say that i have destroyed the single pictures from those years never to be seen again.
Batgurl Batgurl 6 years
I have had blackheads since teen years and have NEVER been able to be rid of them they are an everyday constant, I think stress does add to breakouts also in my adult years even on my back which has never happened before. You know when a breakout is bad when your talking to someone and they are talking to your pimple
CandyFairy CandyFairy 6 years
First kiss, feeling like bliss, that was until he saw my zit!
redneri redneri 6 years
Special Occasion, doesn't matter what it is even at my age I break out...
sandyg68 sandyg68 6 years
Spots everyday at high school, i even took days off when they were really bad. As an adult still get those monthly spots and without fail the spots arrive for that special occasion like my husbands christmas party! Why does this always happen??? I would love to take the Neutrogena® Stress-Free Challenge.
blondie1973 blondie1973 6 years
Way back in high I woke up on school photo day with two pimples on my chin(Why me and why today of all days).Nothing I could do but cover it up.
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