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Try Neutrogena Deep Clean® Cream Cleanser for FREE!

Take the Neutrogena Deep Clean® Challenge

Ever thought I wish I was a snake? Granted, it's not your every day wish, but for those with blemishes, dull skin, clogged pores, or all of the above, wishing for a complete skin overhaul isn't an uncommon request.

Now scrubbing your skin until it's red raw won't help. Sure, in moderation exfoliation is great, but twice a day, every day, and you'll compromise your skin's barrier function, creating all kinds of problems.

So what's the solution? A good cleanser that contains salicylic acid. See salicylic acid is a powerful Beta Hydroxy Acid (BHA) that travels deep, deep down into those nasty blocked pores and does a little spring cleaning. It removes dead surface cells, plus old dirt, oil and makeup, leaving skin feeling fresh, healthy and, most importantly, clear.

Neutrogena Deep Clean® Cream Cleanser ($13.87) contains salicylic acid and the Neutrogena peeps are so confident that it will boost the look and feel of your skin that they've asked us to ask you (I know, I sound like I'm back in Year 5) to try a full-sized product and see the improvement for yourself.

WE WANT YOU to join us on the path to clearer, brighter and better skin and be part of the Neutrogena Deep Clean® Challenge. To be in with a chance of being picked to trial the product, simply share with us in the comments section what your usual skincare routine consists of.

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lilijaye lilijaye 6 years
I ran out of my cleanser and so i got this new one but now i hate it so every morning i cleanse with soap, apply a soothing balm, eye creme, moist, and then mix up some light foundation with self tanner and illuminator, apply translucent powder and off i go. At night i use an eye cleanser, cleansing oil, eye creme and moist. I exfoliate twice a week and mask every 3 weeks or out of time alot. Ive been thinking of trying Neutrogena Deep Clean Cream Cleanser because all the creamy cleansers i see out there are way too heavy for my combo skin so im interested in giving this one a try.
sandyg68 sandyg68 6 years
Cleanse, tone, moisturise each day, exfoliate each week and a full pamper session consisting of a massage and mask. I would love the opportunity to try Neutrogena Deep Clean Cleanser to reveal a brighter skin.
Kimberliew Kimberliew 6 years
I cleanse, tone, exfoliate and moisturise daily. I go between a variety of products including Trilogy, Clarins, and Benefit. I use a clay mask weekly and...that's it!
LilLucyT21 LilLucyT21 6 years
Everyday I cleanse, tone and moisturise and every second day I exfoliate body and face, tone and moisturise. Once every two weeks I use a face mask. Moisturising consists of a day moisturiser, eye cream and a wrinkle night cream.
nix1 nix1 6 years
My everyday routine consists of cleansing, toning and then moisturizing day and night. Then once or twice a week exfoliating and using a face mask
glossqueen glossqueen 6 years
My usual skincare currently consists of cleansing and moisturising in the morning and evening and using a scrub twice a week. I don't use toner, I've used them in the past but they don't seem to do anything so now I don't bother.
ohdani ohdani 6 years
i used to be terrible with skincare - i barely ever washed my make-up off before bed and didn't have a clue about moisturizer. one day i saw how scaly and flaky my face was and that triggered my current routine. i moisturize morning and evening, and before bed use a foaming cleanser. i also try to exfoliate a few times a week but i'm still not 100% happy with my skin!
naf naf 6 years
I cleanse, tone and moisturise each morning, followed by a sunscreen, then foundation. Of a night I must admit I'm a little more lazy, I ALWAYS clean off my makeup before going to bed though, but sometimes I forget to moisturise. I feel like I should be exfoliating and/or using a facial mask regularly but just haven't gotten around to it.
Autumns_Elegy Autumns_Elegy 6 years
My skin care routine involves daily exfoliating with a gentle scrub, followed by alight cleanser to remove any gunk left over. Then a light moisturizer. I tone once a week.
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