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Video: How to Create a Half-Up, Half-Down Hairstyle in Less Than 10 Minutes!

Get a Sexy Half-Up, Half-Down Hairstyle in Less Than 10 Mins!

Need a new hairstyle to take you from day to night? Let celebrity hairstylist J.D. from Juan Juan Salon in Beverly Hills teach you a simple yet modern version of a half-up, half-down look that are favoured by stars such as Zooey Deschanel, Brooklyn Decker, Natalie Portman and Camilla Belle. The best part? It takes less than 10 minutes from start to finish!

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Half up, half down, hair styles like we seen on Hillary Duff and Camilla Bell, are on the rise, and we think it's a perfect mix of sexiness and elegance. Celebrity hair stylist J.D. from Juan Juan Salon, a favorite among Kristen Stewart and Cameron Diaz, is here to show us how to achieve this look at home. So, J.D., one thing that comes to mind with this look is school girl. What makes it look relevant to people today? You don't need to have it extremely polished, it can be really textured. If you only had 10 minutes to get ready in the morning, it's one of those go-tos. I'm going to start by combing her hair to get some extra height and volume into the crown area, but I'm just gonna section it away. OK. So, one thing about back combing: it's similar to teasing. You have to be very, very careful with your hair cuticles. J.D., what would you advise our viewers to do so that you don't damage your hair? I would recommend making sure you have good tools and good products. I am, today, using a back-combing brush. You can find them at any local beauty supplies and they're really affordable, and they're good on the hair. Does this work better on clean or dirty hair? You want to do it clean or one day dirty. Anything more than that you'll have a little bit more oil build up, but it'll flip out unless you are naturally dry. In that case, I would do second day as well. And it did get really big and frizzy, I'm gonna brush her up, and I'm going to leave some of this texture because it's really popular right now. The kind of fuzzy beachy texture. I'm going to use my Mason Pearson brush. For those of you at home who don't have a Mason Pearson brush, you can get just a regular comb and slightly just go over the top layer of hair. So now that we've got our body in just like a little of Brigitte Bardot's hairstyle,we're going to pin her up. So I'm going to use bobby pins to pin her up instead of hair ties today. Which is essential because bobby pins help give you a texture and a lift. So I'm going to take the end of my teasing comb, and I'm going to pick out some pieces so that she's got a little bit around her face. For those of you that find that it's hard to have we can hold well enough. I like to go in a criss-cross formation, and it gives you that desire to hold that you really need. By criss-cross you mean like an X, like one on top of the other? Yes. exactly. Now I'm connecting the right and the left so I'm gonna mirror what I just did on this side, and connect them with bobby pins in the back. You want to make sure your bobby pins are discrete, so I recommend getting some in the color of your own hair; blond, red, or brunett. You can also get them in big and small sizes. So I've just completed this look and as you can see only took me about five minutes and it looks great. Thanks so much J.D. for coming by. No problem. I love how easy this look is to accomplish, and if you curl your hair in the morning, you can put it up at night for a completely different look. Thanks for watching Bella Sugar TV.

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