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Video Tutorial How to Apply Bright Lipstick

Learn the Tricks to Wearing Bold Lip Colour

Having a fresh face doesn't mean that you have to leave off the lipstick. Bold, brilliant lip colours were all over the runways at shows like Jason Wu, Christian Dior, and Anna Sui. In this video, David Hernandez, Pro Educator for Make Up For Ever, shows us what it takes to create a clean, on-trend look with a pop of colour.

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Hi, I'm David Hernandez from Makeup Forever and what I'm here to teach you today is how to achieve a spring 2012 look. I'm gonna start with concealer to really conceal the under-eye, put the head down, and looking straight ahead, you'll definitely see mark. So what you want to do is put concealer there, into the mark, and blend. So what I'm going to do next is foundation. But I want a little extra shine to it. So I'm gonna add oil to it. I'm actually gonna use a castor oil or you can use an argon oil. These oils are good and safe for the skin you're not gonna clog your pores. I'm gonna apply more heavy towards the center of the face and lighter towards the ends. Next, use a cream color, but the selection is very important. It needs to be a nice rich brown so that when you apply it gives depth, not color. Apply it to your temple, cheek bone and jaw line. Then blend. So, what this achieves is giving you a little bit more of a bronzy effect, but sculpted. So I'm using a cream blush. What I'm gonna do, use my finger, I'm gonna hit the highest points but very little tap, tap, tap into a circle. Use your clean finger to blend. So next I'm going to highlight - I'm going to take a little bit of a cream color and apply above the scalp thing and above the blush. Next part is eyebrows. Eyebrows is very big season. So, first brush the brow towards the front and out towards the end. Taking brow gel, filling the front with longer strokes so that it appears like hair, then filling in the sparse area. Using the brow, once again you're going to push the hairs up so that they stay. The eyes this season are very clean, very simple. I'm going to use the same shimmer, shine that I used as her highlight in a clean all over the eye, from the lash-line to the brow-line. Use soft brown just to give shape to the eye. applying the color on the contour of the eye, which is the bone not the fold. I love using a thicker mascara. I bend my wand so that my application becomes a lot easier. The lips were nice, bold, red lips. Anything that's very vibrant is gonna work. I'm gonna use a red liner to line the lip, fill in on the lips so that your lipstick stays stays on all day. Next, I'm gonna apply a matte lipstick towards center of the lip and blend out. As easy as that. And that's how you achieve your Spring 2010 look.

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