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WIN a Benefit Sugarbomb Face Powder! 2010-02-08 16:04:30

Tuesday Giveaway! WIN Benefit Sugarbomb!

Fancy a super-sweet treat minus the calories? Then step this way, Sugar.

Every day through Sunday, 14 February, we're helping you to get your glow on. See we've got two Benefit Sugarbombs (valued at $51 each) up for grabs each day and we thought that two of you might like them? The face powder features four complementary shades (rose, pink with a hint of shimmer, plum and peach) that blend together to create the perfect "sugar rush flush" for your cheeks. I am obsessed; it's the bomb (quite literally) so you'd be mad as a hatter not to try and score yourself one.

All you have to do today is share with us in the comments section what your BIGGEST makeup blunder has been. Did you think you could pull off blue eyeshadow? Were you a black lipstick casualty? Tell us everything. . .

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Autumns_Elegy Autumns_Elegy 7 years
Black lipstick, black eyeshadow, black eyeliner, black mascara. Five years ago. :P I was a goth kid in high school but there is such a thing as too much black. I also succumbed to seriously bright purple lipstick once. Eek!
tammerly tammerly 7 years
My WORST Beauty Blunder: Working for a renown makeup brand when one day I constantly applied their powder foundation that was two shades darker than my skintone...I looked in the mirror to see Donatella Versace and freaked out!
Nessabella Nessabella 7 years
The biggest make up blunder was when I put on foundation that was too pale and i looked like a geisha in all of the photos at my surprise engagement party.
cupidpout cupidpout 7 years
I used to think that black eyeshadow and eyeliner looked super mysterious and appealing. Uh, not so much! I looked more like a raccoon than a famous movie star!
m3i m3i 7 years
When I first discovered tweezers and was given license by my parents to use them, I went a bit tweeze-happy. My eyebrows were tiny, over-arched threads for a few years, until I FINALLY learned better (and got myself to a threader!). I have buried all pictures from that time of my life and cringe a little bit at the thought of anyone seeing them or remembering my little brows.
thugsy thugsy 7 years
Applying thick black eyeliner around and around the eyes. Not a good look, unless you want panda eyes
theloveofpink theloveofpink 7 years
I think I spent most of my teenage years sporting too-dark foundation in an attempt to look bronzed. Cringe, shudder. Definitely not my finest makeup moment! At least I have learnt from the experience - I am now allergic to tidelines.
Anoosa Anoosa 7 years
Yeaah probably when i went for a really dark black smokey eye for a wedding the pictures and wedding tape came out i looked horrible like the joker all you could see was two black holes in my face did my eyes no justice.
jacksterja jacksterja 7 years
In my own preemptive defence, I'd like to mention it was the mid-90s and I was into the whole rave thing. Avon put out a glow-in-the-dark eye pen, that seemed like the best idea ever. Unfortunately I failed to consider the implications of putting on makeup that is effectively invisible under the light in your bathroom. I WAY overdid it, and ended up having to leave as the glow meant I couldn't see a thing all night!
Yvettelee Yvettelee 7 years
fake eyelashes with diamontes on them, i looked like a drag queen!
lafashionista78 lafashionista78 7 years
I once though that you can never have too much glitter, so I packed on my glitter eyeshadow, by the end of the night I had glitter all over my face and in my eyes too, was seeing stars all night
DejaVoodoo DejaVoodoo 7 years
I tried the dark, thick eyeliner look once. Needless to say, it did not turn out very well for me since I'm a serial offender at rubbing my eyes! It did not look pretty and took a long while for me to try to clean it off with water and hand soap.
oscarfever oscarfever 7 years
The day before attending a meeting with overseas Japanese business men I decided to apply my first ever fake tan. All went well except for the hands, didnt scrub them enough and they were orange the next morning. Not knowing what to do I doned a pair of white gloves to attend the meeting. Although the Japanese have strict business acum I think they thought my white gloves were just a "little too formal"
doogs doogs 7 years
One night decided to go out on the town with full makeup. Foundation, black mascara, black eyeliner, eyeshadow..... that night it started raining as I left the house. Walked out, got soaked and my make up started running down my face. I looked like Frankenstein
bardie bardie 7 years
My biggest blunder and most embarrassing is when I tried to match my makeup to my frock. I wore a purple dress, and tried to coordinate with purple eyeshadow and lips..... (scary)
jazzy7 jazzy7 7 years
My biggest and the worst was when I chose the wrong colour foundation. It was too light for my skin, and I looked like an absolute clown. To make matters worse, I tried to add blush to disguise it.
Unicorn73 Unicorn73 7 years
I used a purple-hued eyeshadow when I didn't sleep well the night before. Double whammy! I looked like I'd been punched in both eyes, and the dark circles under my eyes had never been more pronounced. The lady at the Clinique make-up counter tried to tell me diplomatically to "be careful with my colour choices"! Have not used purple since.
Addicted2LipBalm Addicted2LipBalm 7 years
Biggest makeup blunder I ever made was believing that the shimmery green eyeliner my friend looked great in would some how look fantastic on me also. I looked like a freak lol
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