What is Chinese Face Mapping & How to Treat Acne

Chinese Face Mapping: Get to Know Your Breakouts

When it comes to breakouts, there's usually a method behind their madness. Which, when you think about it, is kind of a good thing. If you can isolate the problem area, there's a good chance you can fix it alongside topical treatments. Huzzah! Chinese medicine has long associated skin with internal health, so when a breakout surfaces in a particular area on more than one occasion (lucky you), there could be something wrong on the inside... Keen to know more about the areas that affect women most and why? Keep reading.
"The Chinese believe the face is a mirror to the inner health and wellbeing of the body. Chinese medical practitioners for centuries have ‘read’ the face as their diagnostic tool before treating their patient," says Emma Hobson, education manager for Asia, Australia and New Zealand at The International Dermal Institute.

Zones 11,12,13

"In Chinese Facial Diagnosis, the sides of the chin represent the ovary area, so spots can indicate a fluctuation of hormones i.e. at the time of menstruation. A constant re-occurrence of breakouts or discolouration may relate to ovarian cysts."

Zone 9

"If you get breakouts running along the lower cheeks (under the cheek bone and above the jaw bone) this area relates to teeth and gums. If you have a persistent reoccurring breakout, ensure your cleaning and flossing your teeth regularly and have a dental check-up in case you have any underlying such as tooth decay."

And don't forget your lips...

"Dry peeling lips, indicate a stressed digestive system. Look at your diet and your stress levels!"