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Why Taking Jennifer Lawrence Brunette Required $30,000 of Hair

Taking Jennifer Lawrence from blonde to brunette was a pricey process — one involving $30,000 worth of hair, to be precise. Linda Flowers, Head Hair Designer for The Hunger Games, reveals this, the origins of Effie's curls and the story of Katniss's braid in our Q&A. From finger-curled wigs to Technicolor hues, the movie promises almost as much beauty inspiration as it does drama. Watch for a sneak peek at what to expect ahead of the movie's release this week.

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Hi, it's Kirby with your Bella Beauty Beat. From Katniss' signature braid to Effie's wild hair color, we got the inside scoop on all the hairstyles from the Hunger Games from Linda Flower, who designed all the hair for the movie. To play Katniss Everdeen in the Hunger Games, Jennifer Lawrence had to go from a bombshell blonde to a dark brown shade. And while finding the color wasn't easy, she was happy to know she wasn't going to be the guinea pig. I rented 30,000 dollars a pair which is I rented five $6,000 lace width all different shades of brown from the light brown, a brown with a little red in it. So it made Jennifer comfortable to know that we weren't gonna experiment with her color. Once settling on a hair color, the most important [xx] Linda was incorporating [sp?] signature braid from the book. The signature [sp?] braid was it's really it wasn't for fashion. It was a real functioning braid that someone who hunts when she has to go and get her bow. You know arrow and shoot. She's doing this motion a lot. I know that her hair had to be contained at the nape. and I just didn't want to do a side braid so I started it at one end and I did a reverse French braid. All around it would hug her neck and come around like this. While Katniss' hair was about function, with Effie's pink hair, Linda was able to have more fun but still keep it in a classic style. Elizabeth was my favorite, first of all, to transform 'cause a real character. Have to get the pink hair on somebody. To find a look for Evie, it had to have a classic tone to it. So I made it a contemporary classic by using a classic shape from the 30s with contemporary color based on the book and very contemporary texture. that trailer Effie. Keep an eye out for your favorite characters as they come to life on the big screen. And may the odds be ever in your favor. I'm Kirby and thanks for watching Bella Sugar TV.

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