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The Block 2011 Contestants Katrina Chambers and Amie Godde Will Be Looked After By Channel Nine

The Block's Katrina and Amie "Deserve Something Back"

Despite an underwhelming result on Sunday night’s grand final of The Block 2011, where only Polly Porter and Waz Jones’ house was sold, things got better for some of the other contestants yesterday, when it was announced that Rod and Tania Walsh, and Josh Densten and Jenna Whitehead, had sold their houses and pocketed the respective profits ($72,000 and $50,000). So what about Katrina Chambers and Amie Godde? The sisters sold their house after Saturday night’s auction for the reserve price of $860,000, meaning they earned nothing back. However, Channel Nine have said, “We will be looking after them,” and The Block executive producer Julian Cress told the Sydney Morning Herald, “They’re terrific women, they gave a lot and they deserve something back — and we will do all we can to ensure they get it.” How do you think Katrina and Amie should be rewarded for their work?

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