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Breaking Dawn Part 1 DVD Bonus Feature of Shirtless Taylor Lautner and Jacob Character Evolution

Exclusive: Breaking Dawn DVD Extra With Taylor — and Shirtless Jacob!

Breaking Dawn Part 1 is coming out on DVD very soon! We're so excited to see all the behind the scenes extras that come along with the release, including this hot look inside the development of Jacob Black's character. Beyond the shirtless eye candy, Taylor Lautner tackled his most emotionally complex scenes in Breaking Dawn, and also brought a bit of comedic relief amid the heavy film. We're looking forward to even more of that as we see his relationship with Renesmee develop in Breaking Dawn Part 2 this November. While that may feel far away now, we have Breaking Dawn Part 1 to tide us over until then — check out this exclusive clip and buy Breaking Dawn when it comes out on Mar. 15.

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The first time you see Jacob in the movie, he's storming out of his house. It's pouring rain and he he is pissed. He throws the invitation on the ground and he takes off to the forest and transforms. He's still the same Jacob he always has been. He's jealous he's still into Bella and he's hot-headed. Throughout the movie, he matures a ton This is a story of that character becoming a man. He's not just going to be addicted to the pain anymore, he's going to break away from Bella and the whole triangle. He is able to live more with the the fact that Bella's married, she's going to have a baby, and, I mean, he kind of has no choice but to accept that.

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