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David Beckham London Olympics and Victoria's Possible Spice Girls Reunion

Video: Are David and Victoria Beckham Both Headed to the Olympics?

David Beckham announced he not only wants to play for Great Britain in the Olympics this Summer, but he also wants to be the team's captain. Hear why wife Victoria may also be heading to the games in PopSugar Rush.

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Hey there, I'm Karli Bulnes. If David Beckham has his way, he'll be hitting the field at the Olympics this Summer. Find out why Victoria may have her own reason to go to the games in today's PopSugar Rush! "Stop right now, thank you very much" The Spice Girls may be making a stop at the Olympic Games this Summer! "Hey you, always in a rush" Victoria Beckham and her four bandmates are reportedly in talks to make an appearance to plug their upcoming musical, Viva Forever. It would be the girls' second reunion, the first of which happened in late 2007. If Posh ends up heading to her homeland for the girl power gig, she likely won't be traveling alone — husband David Beckham has thrown his name in the hat to play on Great Britain's Olympic team. "It's an Olympic year for us in England, and you know to have it in the East end of London where I grew up is very special, so I would love to be part of that, I would love to be part of the GB team and hopefully I will be!" David has played in several World Cup games, but this would be his first Olympics. He actually had a big hand in London's bid to host the games, and his excitement for the event continues — he also announced he'd love to be the team's captain. David just signed a two-year contract with the LA Galaxy, though it seems both the Galaxy boss and Olympic team boss agree that that commitment will not interfere with David's plans to play in the Olympics.

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