Guy Sebastian's Faux Pas on The X Factor Live Elimination Show

Guy Sebastian’s Faux Pas on Last Night’s X Factor Live Show

OK, so Guy Sebastian’s slip up on last night’s The X Factor doesn’t compare to what happened on Australia’s Next Top Model last week. But it still proves that with live TV you’ve got nowhere to hide. It was probably a mix of shock and disbelief that two of his groups were in the bottom two in the elimination show that caused Guy’s stuff up. He was introducing the sister act Mahogany while in New York via satellite and said, “I met these girls actually on a tour that I did a little while ago, and they blew me away then, and then they walked into the audition room and blew me again.” Whoops! He corrected himself and said, “Blew me away again,” but not before the judges and audience burst out in laughter. This comes shortly after former Big Brother host Gretel Killeen penned an opinion piece on the perils of live TV for the SMH. Poor Guy—it happens! Hopefully he can laugh about it now. And in case you missed it, you can watch his gaffe here.