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Hot and Cute Celebrity Couples of 2012 Awards Season

Video: 2012's Cutest Awards Season Duos — Brad and Angelina, Michelle and Busy, and More!

The Oscars will serve as date night for several of Hollywood's romantic couples and pairs of friends. Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt will be arm in arm for the big event, but he'll also be meeting up with his good pal George Clooney, who has Stacy Keibler by his side. Michelle Williams has had sidekick Busy Philipps for awards season support, and The Artist's director and leading lady make a sweet scene. Check out these nominees and their biggest supports on the road to Oscars!

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Hey, guys. I'm Karli Bulnes. Let's kick off our look at the cutest award season duo with Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. The red perfect King and Queen. With both A-lister's up for honor this year, they're combined star power has really upped the ante at every award show they've attended. Take the Golden Globe for example: Ms. Jolie's daring Atelier Versace gown and Brad's came everyone take notice of them on the red carpet. George Clooney and his hot award-season sidekick have also been at the center of attention. The statuette Stacy Keebler is the lucky lady whose been on George's arm this year, wearing one glamorous gown after another. And while Ms. Keebler may be new to this Hollywood scene, she prepared for the award season whirlwind like a veteran. Fitting in a relaxing vacation to Mexico before kicking things off at the Palm Springs film festival. settle down and just relax a little while, and it's like, right back to craziness. But it's fun. Stacy and George and Brad and Angelina are great together, but there's another coupling within that group that we just can't get enough of, the great Brad and George bromance. They love to pit Brad and I against each other to coin a phrase. Both boys have exchanged jabs all award-season long. Yeah, I met this guy named George, Georg, Jorge. Jorge Clooney. Very nice guy. Very personal, nice guy. Now you have to promise us, in 20 years, when you're running the town, that you'll hire someone bored, scraggly, beat up, old, retired, two-time sexiest man alive for a job. Then after you hire Brad, maybe you'll get me a job too. George even joked about Brad's injury by bringing his cane on stage at the Globe. I have to give it back to him, he can't make it otherwise. These guys clearly know how to have fun at each other's expense, but at the end of the day they're bromance is all about having each other's back. and he think he's my buddy. I tell you quite honestly, the truth of the matter is Brad is my friend. I've never felt the competition with him. I've only felt a great deal of friendship and support from him. and for him. And we don't wager, we don't bet, we just, you know, look at each other and slap each other on the back and wish each other well. Because he's a friend. just like in years past, multiple nominee, Michelle Williams has had her BFF, Busy Phillips by her side at several award shows. I'm Michelle William's date for the third time as she's nominated for the Critic's Choice the Golden Globe and hopefully third time is a charm. It's a pretty sweet game, do you think? And might be up there come get the statue. Michelle did get a statue at the Golden Globe and in addition to thanking her daughter, Matilda, Ms. Williams also acknowledged best friend Busy in her sweet speech. Thank you ...too busy. You have to take a drink every time, and I mean every time, you hear the word Scorsese. 'Atta girl. Melissa McCarthy sure has been having his time rooting for her tight knit "Bridesmaids" cast. Though, there's one fellow female nominee from another film who she supporting for years. "The Helps" Octavia Spencer. We've all been friends with Octavia for 10, 12 years, something like that. Melissa met Octavia well before they rose Hollywood ranks. And, with both actresses up for awards in 2012, the long-time friends are enjoying the spotlight together. We keep all, bizarrely, showing up at these affairs together. And, I think we just... I think seeing them there, it's like, "Did we break in? No. We're supposed to be here. OK." So it's made it, it's like, I think we're all having the same kind of feeling of like, "We're here, let's enjoy it." And finally. It's been a banner year for [inaudible]... ...writer/director husband Michel Hazanavicius. The married couple collaborated on "The Artist", which was truly a fun labor of love. I didn't have to do an audition, I just slept with him and I got the part. That's the old way, I mean the old fashioned way. Classic Hollywood. Yeah. Exactly. No. He, no joke. He write the part for John and for me and, you know. He it's so amazing when someone write you something and when it's the man that you love, you know. It's going to be something very special. And it was. And I'm very grateful to him.

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