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Hot Shirtless Celebrities Video Including Robert Pattinson, Ryan Reynolds, David Beckham, Channing Tatum

Video: 50 Hot Shirtless Guys in 50 Seconds

Spring has sprung, which means Summer is just around the corner! Feast your eyes on "50 Hot Shirtless Bodies in 50 Seconds," a collection of some of our favourite stars looking fine sans tops. Not much more needs to be said — it's all in the video!

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You're gonna see some interesting things and they may be shirtless. I always keep my jersey away at the end of the game. I think it's always a competition with guys. And a six pack wasn't good it was an eight pack. I still might have mentioned that I was really buff. I train like I've never trained in my life before.putting on muscle I just go to the gym picking weights up and putting them down. The only thing you really need to do any gyros to have a six pack. That's the one I want.

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