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Jason Biggs and Alyson Hannigan American Reunion Interview

Alyson Hannigan and Jason Biggs on His American Reunion Nude Scene and Growing Up With Jim and Michelle

Jason Biggs and Alyson Hannigan revisit their roles as Jim and Michelle in the newest instalment of the American Pie series, American Reunion. We sat down with the franchise's high school sweethearts during a recent press day in Beverly Hills to talk about how their lives have changed since the first movie was released 13 years ago. Jason and Alyson reflected on how they've grown up with their characters and Alyson talked about striking a balance in work, life and love now that she has a second baby on the way. Meanwhile, Jason weighed in on his nude scene in the movie, which he hints gives his original "pie scene" a run for its money. Watch our interview to see the duo reflect on Jim and Michelle's romance and catch American Reunion when it hits cinemas on April 5!

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was one of the things in the film that I felt was missing. I felt like we didn't have our pie scene. They finally brought him the magnifier Okay, okay, that's it we have a winner. So I wanna know, you guys are both married So what was it like to sort of take on these roles, could you relate a little bit to what they are going through? Well I could definitely relate because you know my husband and I have a daughter. Once you've Become parents, everything changes and so, so you really do have to work to sort of balance out the like, ok, we can't 100 percent just be parents, we have to actually have our relationship, I can definitely relate, not to such an extreme as Jim and Michelle, but we work hard to, you know, we try to have date night once a week, and just and if it's to just sit there and have a conversation that isn't being interrupted every two seconds is really nice. Being married for me was a major change, an amazing one and a It's a commitment and it's, you have to be unselfish, you know. So So I get that aspect of it. I think when I have kids, I'm gonna have a much deeper understand of...yeah, yeah. Right. I imagine it's going to be a bit of a game changer. A little bit of a shift, yeah. We're also kind of living the parent lifestyle already. We have a couple of full time nannies that To live in our house and that take care of us. Sure why not, right? Because, you know, we just wanted to get a jump on things. Exactly. So, they take care of, Jenny has a nanny. I have my own nanny. And then together we have a joint nanny, the truth is my kids will be, I have a night nurse. Jenny's okay at night, and the truth is my kids are gonna be raised by their of course go with it. So, the truth is I don't expect my life to change that much because I'm never really going to be there for them, and so I think I keep saying it's going to be a game could be game changer, but I feel like it is going to be fine you know. Right. Well, Jason, I have to ask you too. So, in this movie you get naked, like really naked. And I heard that you did a lot of, you know, talked with the directors a lot about choosing what pot lid you would use to cover yourself and -- Yeah. How did you make those creative decision? For me, this scene was incredibly important. I had been talking to the directors about this scene for a very long time because it was one of the things in the film that I felt, earlier drafts of the film that I felt was missing and I felt like we didn't have our pie scene for a while and I felt like everything else was there, and as everything else was coming together with the script all the other notes, everything, all the storylines, I was like, "Where's the pie scene?" And I was like, "I'll do anything, I'll do anything." And they came back with this idea, and I was like, "This is fantastic." And so, at a certain point, for me, I just get so invested in the comedy of it. It becomes so technical, you know, that you are sitting there, you know, you got a bunch of pie lids and youofficers . And you're going over this, and you're like, "Man I need a different size". They finally brought him the magnifying glass. Okay There you go. It's got some magnification Bitchin! That's the only scene in the movie that's shot in 3-D actually. I see, OK. You don't need glasses for it but that was the one we go out of 2-D into 3-D for a second, but, more importantly, it just needed to work for the film and for the character and, yeah, then you forget, like, halfway through the movie morning, you know, Alyson's even sitting there while we're shooting it and she's like, "Why don't you try...Jason, turn the penis to two o' clock. Try..." And I'm like, "Two o' clock?" 'Cause he couldn't really see because [xx] he would have to bend over and then it would [xx] It just got very, it was actually harder than you think, Ah wait a minute!

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