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Kim Kardashian Makes A Cameo On 30 Rock With Jon Hamm And The Pair Make Up

Video: Kim Kardashian and Jon Hamm Bury the Hatchet For 30 Rock Live

Kim Kardashian tried her hand at acting on the West Coast version of 30 Rock's latest live episode, which aired Thursday night in the US. Kim stole the show in just a couple quick cameos, though she wasn't the only famous face to pop up. Watch Jon Hamm, Amy Poehler, Jimmy Fallon, and more support Tina Fey and Alec Baldwin in today's PopSugar Rush.

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Kim Kardashian tries out acting on 30 Rock's live episode! Hey there, I'm Karli Bulnes. See the reality star's performance and find out how she handled meeting critic Jon Hamm when PopSugar Rush continues right after this! "That's the beauty of live TV, anything can happen!/There's a bathroom in here you can use, cable town co-worker Kim Kardashian!" Kim Kardashian made a cameo in the West Coast version of 30 Rock's latest live episode Thursday night, playing a passerby who needed to use the restroom in Jack Donaghy's office, and then re-appearing at the end to joke about her celebrity sway when it comes to social media. "Wow, 2.5 million people just saw that./Now 14 million people just saw it. You're welcome." In reality, 3.5 million people tuned in, which gave the show it's highest ratings in more than a month. It was their second shot at going live, the first time being back in 2010, when Matt Damon and Jon Hamm made surprise appearances. "Where are you my brother?/Here I is Alfie!" Jon Hamm helped out again, in both the east and west coast versions, though Brian Williams sat in for him for one of the skits. Tina Fey's friends and SNL stars Amy Poehler, Jimmy Fallon, Fred Armisen, as well as Community's Donald Glover also popped up in both episodes, while Paul McCartney played Kim's part in the earlier show . You might remember that Jon Hamm had some choice words when speaking about Kim in the April issue of Elle UK, though TMZ reports that after last night's taping in New York, the two respectfully laughed it off. I'm Karli Bulnes and thanks for watching PopSugar Rush!

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