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Kristen Stewart Snow White and the Huntsman Video Interview

Video: Kristen Stewart Talks "Mind-Blowing" Snow White and Twilight Similarities

Kristen Stewart is currently in Sydney gearing up to promote Snow White and the Huntsman here, but we had a chance to sit down with her for an interview outside of London at a recent press day for the film. Check out what Kristen had to say about the "unique" fairytale movie and how it's similar to Twilight, and find out what's up next for the star when you watch our chat!

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"What is it?" "Snow White." I'm like, "Really?" When Snow White has woken up after the big sleep, you know, they mean there's a similarity between that eye-opening than eye-motoring. Yeah, totally. So, I got to see the movie last night. It's sort of spectacular to watch. Was there anything about it that surprise you when you got to see it for the first time? I have to say like it's a very satisfying and completely rare and kind of like mind-blowing experience to watch something. Be put together in the exact way you wanted it too. And I think Rupert is so awesome. I think he really put a stamp on it. It doesn't feel like, you know, it's a huge studio movie, it's very epic in scale, all of that still applies, whatever, but it feels like his and like it really actually does have. It has kind of a unique originality to it and I was kind of. Not that I was expecting that, but you just don't always get that with big movies. I was gonna say, epic is the word you used, and that's what, watching it, it is just totally an epic. Did you realize it was gonna be like that much when you first signed on to the project? Those were definitely the aspirations. I mean, this thing, it had so much potential. And also, Rupert got the job because he put together kind of like a five-minute thing, a five-minute short version of the movie kind of where you presented the dark aspects and the light aspects. And I just thought the fact that it was the same guy who did both was just it's a strange combination of things. Because what's cool about it is a dark version of Snow White, but it's also so kind of epically and exuberantly light and beautiful when it is. Right. Like the Enchanted Forest is mind-blowing, and I think it's nice to have that contrast or else neither one of them would pop like they do without having a nice balance, you know. And of course, it's a very bad ass version of Snow White, were there people in your life who were surprised that you signed on to do any version of a fairytale at all? I'm not sure about other people, but I do have to say I was a little surprised when they called me up about Snow White. You know, I was doing Breaking Dawn at the time and so I was really completely focused on that and not wanting to. I don't like getting into something before another thing is done it just totally meddles you. And they were,"You have to read this. It's a really big deal and you're gonna miss an opportunity." I was like, "What is it?" "Snow White." I'm like, "Really?" But then it became really clear soon as soon as we got into it. Speaking of Breaking Dawn in both these movies, you have scenes when you're sort of like laying there almost dead. Men are doting over you, did you think about comparing those two scenes at all? hunting them? I was kind of thinking about, the only one moment that I was kinda worried about was which when Snow White is woken up after the big sleep. You know what I mean? There's a similarity between that eye-opening vampire moment. Yeah, totally. But hopefully they're very different in feel. A lot of guys kissing you when you're. Yeah, that too. Yeah. Now you're sort of going on this worldwide big tour, is it weird doing it without your Twilight co-stars? Yes, actually, totally. It is weird. You do little bits and pieces for smaller movies and it's fun because it's like, you know, you get back to people that you really only spent a little bit of time with and so it's like super exciting to see them again and with Twilight you feel like it's like literally like the most, I see them constantly. And so it is more, it is a different experience totally as with And can you tell us anything about the movie you just signed on for, Cali? Yeah, I'm really excited. It's very in your face in a great way. I think it's like, when it's violent it's gonna be extremely violent. And I think when it's funny, it should be like broadly, comedically funny. And I think like the emotional part too should be. Everything should be just right here, you know, and it takes place in the valley, and I'm from there, and it's been a long time since we've had a really good valley movie.

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