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Lea Michele Video Interview For New Year's Eve

Lea Michele on New Year's Eve and Les Misérables Rumours

Lea Michele spends much of New Year's Eve trapped in an elevator with Ashton Kutcher, but the Glee star also gets a chance to belt out a tune with none other than Bon Jovi. PopSugar US caught up with the actress at the recent press day for the film in Beverly Hills, where she dished on seeing Ashton next-to-naked on the set, and on her impressive duet partner. She also talked about the rumours that she will star in an upcoming big-screen adaptation of Les Misérables. Watch our interview with Lea and check out New Year's Eve in cinemas now.

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The minute I found out that, that the movie was being made, I almost threw up. He did one thing where I knocked on his door and he, like, opened it and he's just wearing like a towel. So you've been in most of this movie trapped in an elevator with Ashton. Yeah. So, what was that like? I mean it was a little scary at first but he's so great. He made me really comfortable and so, you know, I was just really thankful to get to have him to do that with. Now, you get to do it with Bon Jovi in this movie. So what went through your mind when you found out going to happen. Oh, I thought it was amazing. You know, he's such an icon and I thought, not only was I excited to get to perform with him, but I think he's so perfect for this part to play Jensen, so I was happy for the film that we got him. And what was the experience like actually being on stage in Times Square? That was really awesome.I mean I think that if it had actually been New Year's Eve preforming in Times Square, it would have been really chaotic but being that we were recreating it, it was nice. I preferred a recreation of New Year's Eve. Sure, exactly, a little less pressure that way. Exactly, yes. Are you a big New Year's Eve person? Is it one of your favorite holidays? Totally. I'm a huge New Year's Eve girl, I love it, I get dressed up, I had fun, I'm with my family. I pretty much do the same thing each year. We have our little like tradition of where we go and it's awesome. Are you a resolution person or or not so much? Not so much. I think it's just important to step into the new year with promising yourself to take good care of yourself and to continue to work hard and be happy, I think that that's better than being, like, "I'm going to do this, this, this, this". Like making a list, too. I did make one New Year's resolution a couple of years ago which was to throw away all of my gross pajamas that I would wear at night and only wear to bed, like, beautiful like, not so much lingerie, but for myself. Right. I wanted to do that for me and I threw away all of my, like, old boyfriend boxers, t-shirts with stain, and have created a beautiful collection of things to wear at night. That's the only New Year's resolution that's suck. The people that slept over at my house were like, "What are you wearing?!" It's mine and it makes me feel good when I go to bed at night, and I love it, it's the best New Year's resolution, and I made it, like seven years ago. Now, when people found out that I was interviewing you today I got a lot of Twitter followers who wanted to know if you can say anything about the Les Mis rumors. People are really excited about it. Oh really! I mean I just the minute I found out that movie was being made I like almost throw up that's so exciting. So to just be sort of considered. You know, that was my first play I was in when I was eight years old. I'm just, as a fan super excited they're making it into. the film no matter what, so we'll see. Ooh, we'll see. Now tell me a little bit, too, about working with this amazing cast. I know you don't get to share scenes with everyone in the film. Yeah. But there were some really cute outtakes at the end and I wondered who really cracked you up behind the scene? Ashton. I mean who else! He's hilarious. He really did one thing where I knocked on his door and opened and he was just wearing, like, a towel. And, he's just, you know, he's so great.

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