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Madonna Music Video For Girl Gone Wild

Video: Madonna Brings Back Old Looks For New "Girl Gone Wild" Video

Madonna debuted her video for "Girl Gone Wild," and while the song is new, some of the looks she sports in the video remind us of her earlier work. Check out the fun comparisons in PopSugar Rush.

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Madonna debuts a new video full of throwbacks to her old work! Hey there, I'm Karli Bulnes and we've got the fun comparisons in today's PopSugar Rush. What's old is new again for Madonna! has exclusively gotten their hands on the material girl's music video for "Girl Gone Wild," and we couldn't help but notice that the nearly-four-minute piece has several similarities to her older work. The black and white treatment coupled with glamorous close-ups screams Vogue . . . Her sexy leather wardrobe prop chains is just like Human Nature . . . the leotard look and gravity-defying moves reminds us of Hung Up . . . then there's some unexplainable bleeding like Like a Prayer . . . though some are saying the overall feel is more Erotica than anything else. Meanwhile, Madonna spoke to Sirius radio today about making music and directing, saying she's not as much of a control freak as people paint her to be. "I'm not Prince or like a lot of artists who can go in and play every instrument and record a track and not hear from people, I need to hear what people think all the time." Be sure to head over to to watch the entire "Girl Gone Wild" music video.

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