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Movie Review Of The Lucky One With Zac Efron

Watch, Pass, or Rent Video Movie Review: The Lucky One

Zac Efron and Taylor Schilling steam up the screen in The Lucky One, but is the romantic drama worth a trip to the movies? Check out the video review to see if you should watch, pass, or rent this flick.

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Hi. I'm Shannon Vessel and in Watch, Pass or Rent. We're looking at The Lucky One. Zac Efron stars as a former marine who tracks down the women whose photograph he believes was his lucky charm in combat. I promised myself that if I made it out, I would find that girl and thank her for saving my life. This is a very sappy but also very but also very romantic movie that I enjoyed as a guilty pleasure, but not much more. What brings you to Hamden? It's kind of a long story. The main reason I enjoyed this movie was Zac Efron. He's all all grown up, and he makes a great leading man. He's hot, his character is sensitive, looks like he's a great kisser. I fell for him the way Taylor Schilling did. You don't know what I'm dealing with. This is Taylor's first big movie role, and I thought she did a great job with the movie's more emotional scenes, but I think that her biggest credit is that she has such amazing chemistry with Zac Efron. should be kissed every day, every hour, every minute. Even though this movie is well cast, it doesn't change the fact that the dialogue is unbearably cheesy and the premise is pretty dumb. I found myself frustrated with the fact that Zach's character keeps his photograph a secret for so long. I tried, I didn't know how, I found myself frustrated with the fat that Zach's character keep his photograph a secret for reson long.I tried I didn't know how. This movie has great eye candy in the form of Zach Efron and the love scenes are really sexy, but the movie's definitely for a specific audience. So unless you love Nicholas Sparks' movies, I'd say rent this one.

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