New Pictures From the Grey's Anatomy Season Finale 2010-06-20 22:00:22

New Photos From the Grey's Anatomy Two-Hour Finale

With Lost finishing a few weeks ago, 24 closing shop tomorrow and Underbelly: The Golden Mile coming to a stop at the end of the week, Sugar HQ is officially at the height of finale season! Grey's Anatomy is another show to take a bow, with season six finishing Tuesday night. And if the promos are any indication, the double ep is going to be a must see. Of course, it's gonna be hard to top last year's George/Izzie double cliffhanger, but this time around there's pregnancy and a shooter in store (not to mention a guest appearance by Mandy Moore). Can't wait to watch tomorrow night? Neither can we! So, check out these photos from the final episode to get you in a Grey's groove.

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