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Olympians With Olympic Ring Tattoos

Mark of Pride: Olympians With Olympic Ring Tattoos

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Mark of Pride: Olympians With Olympic Ring Tattoos
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The news is just in that Tokyo has won the 2020 Olympic Games and guess what? It's only a one hour time difference for Aussies on the east coast and no time difference at that time of year for those on the west! For all Olympians, winning medals and breaking world records are achievements that will stay with them for the rest of their lives. Some professional athletes take the extra step of permanently marking themselves with an iconic sports symbol, the Olympic rings. We’ve noticed several Olympians with Olympic ring tattoos over the years — many are swimmers, but that may be because they have more skin on show — including Australia’s Eamon Sullivan, Stephanie Rice and Emily Seebohm. Click through to see who else has Olympic ink!

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