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One Direction Shirtless Video and Famous Fans

Video: One Direction Goes Shirtless in Sydney — Hear From Their Famous Fans

The five members of One Direction spent time aboard a boat in Sydney yesterday. Harry Styles and Liam Payne went shirtless to give a glimpse of their abs as they hopped into the water during their downtime. Check out the boy band's sexy outing Down Under and hear from some of their famous fans in today's PopSugar Rush.

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One Direction — shirtless in Sydney! Hey there, I'm Karli Bulnes. Check out the boy band's sexy outing down under and hear from some of their famous fans in today's PopSugar Rush. British-Irish boy band One Direction delivered a boatload of eye candy today, with several members going shirtless during their time on a yacht in Sydney, Australia. Members Harry Styles and Liam Payne each gave us a good glimpse of their abs as they dove into the water, while the others leisurely lounged on the deck. PopSugar editor Kim Timlick breaks down the group's very sexy excursion. The guys are fresh off a performance on Saturday Night Live over the weekend and are enjoying some downtime before the Austalian leg of their tour kicks off on Friday. They actually formed in 2010 on the UK's version of the X Factor, after they didn't qualify as individual contestants. They were signed by Simon Cowell back then, but they really started picking up steam after their first single was released last September. Since then, the guys have gained some pretty famous fans . . . . . . Taylor Swift, Selena Gomez, and Ashley Tisdale sang along to their performance at the 2012 Kids Choice Awards. Taylor Swift: "Yeah my friends and I love them and it was such a fun night, all my friends were there and we were dancing, and it was a blast." "Could you have been the sixth member of One Direction? Maybe, maybe, man if we overlap, I may just jump in." Zac Efron, who turned down his own record deal with Simon Cowell and is also in Australia at the moment, was a good sport at his premiere yesterday, telling a radio reporter he'd be happy to join the band if the opportunity presented itself. Meanwhile, Justin Bieber revealed to the UK's Daybreak this week that he's gotten to know the guys recently and is open to collaborating with One Direction one day. "They were here a couple days ago, we hung out, they came over to my house, just hung out. They're just cool, they're around my age so we just kicked it." The boys, who range in age from 18-20, certainly seem to be enjoying their success and we have to say we're enjoying watching them bask in sun.

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