Photos of Amanda Seyfried in the April 2011 Issue of Elle Magazine Talking About Kissing Co-Stars

Amanda Seyfried Talks About Kissing Her Leading Men in Elle

Amanda Seyfried graces the April cover of US Elle wearing a striped dress reminiscent of Hailee Steinfeld's SAG Awards gown. The Red Riding Hood star gives a candid interview in the pages of the magazine, opening up about her past relationships with Dominic Cooper and Alexander Skarsgård. The actress, who attended the premiere of her dark new film in LA last night, also talks about what it was like to lock lips with the likes of her Now co-star Justin Timberlake. Here are some highlights:

  • On kissing on the silver screen: “I can’t lie. It didn’t suck making out with Channing [Tatum] and Justin [Timberlake].”
  • On how Dominic Cooper's previous girlfriend led to their breakup: “I was just kind of foolishly thinking that the two of them were done and Dom and I were involved. But we weren’t really as involved as I thought. So I got my heart broken pretty hard. After that, it’s really hard to open myself up to a new person. Really hard.”
  • On another famous ex, Alexander Skarsgård: “We dated. He’s superfunny, but I was too involved with Dom.”
  • On her reported new love Ryan Phillippe: “Um, yeah. I’ve been ‘seen’ with him.”