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Rachel McAdams and Channing Tatum Interview on Their New Film, The Vow and the Drunk Scene

The Vow's Rachel McAdams and Channing Tatum on Their "Drunk" Scene and Romantic Tendencies

Channing Tatum and Rachel McAdams tackle a true story in The Vow, playing a husband and wife trying to rebuild their life after a car accident leaves her with no memory of their relationship. Our US Sugar sisters talked to the onscreen pair at the recent press day for the movie in Beverly Hills. Channing, who is married to fellow actor Jenna Dewan, said being a young husband made him especially connected to the role, and also chatted about his and Rachel's shared tendencies toward romantic fare like The Notebook and Dear John. While the subject of their new movie might be dramatic, they also admitted to some lighter moments on set, and talked about a scene that left Rachel "borderline hallucinogenic." Check out our interview and catch The Vow in cinemas now.

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I love it. Yeah. A lot of love. That's his comfort sticker thing. You could be married 10 years down the road you know, just like who is this person I'm waking up to? So, tell me about the script. Did you guys both know it's based on a true story when you started reading it? Yes, I did. Did you? I did not. You didn't? Okay. No. No. It was after, I was like, what? They're the whole thing. I guess it's so unbelievable, I wish I'd never have. Yes. Oh, really? Yeah. That's cool. Basically. Wow. Wow. Did you get to meet the real life couple that it's based on or talk with them at all as you prepd? Yes. We've got to meet them. We've got to meet them, they came to set and we got to hang out with them. I did not get to meet Kim. I think that was sort of, Michael, he didn't really, he didn't really want me to, like, have any influence on, like, Leo, in the, in the script. Right. you know, I think, because they're, they're journey was a bit different. You know, I'm sure you had some of the same, you know, sort of trials, you know. But, they ultimately did never, they never broke up, you know, they, I, sure they had chopped up time and, but, I think, they, we took a different, sort of, wrap with us. Right. Extraordinary couple. Amazing. Still together. 2 kids. Well, did meeting Krue [sp] could kind of give you any insight into being in that, sort of, strange situation? She was just a very, very inspiring person and I, I felt, you know, like, I wanted to get the story right. And, Yeah. and give it the proper amount of weight. But also so, you know, show that, all the, the hope that they kept alive. And, you know, it took two Right. ready for that to happen. And Channing, I know you've said that you really connected to the role, you know, being young and married, yourself. Would it little scary to know that you were gonna have to put yourself in that place and that mind frame? I don't think scary is the right term. But, you know, I'm definitely nervous and like okay, this is gonna be a bit of a challenge and, but almost, it's what's fun about being an actor, like you can explore these extraordinary circumstances and do it in a bit of a safe way that you can, kind of control a bit of the outcome. Right. And you know, 'cause it could not went well, obviously. But, you know, and do it in a, in a sort of a very thoughtful way. And, you know, you can, God if you have, knock on wood, you know, and everyone until it happen. You know, but, you know, maybe I'd have a better understanding of it, you know? But I think Rachael made it really good sort of, parallel that you know, in normal relationship you don't have to have a brain injury to grow apart. Yes. And to sort not know each other. you know, in a way. And that you could be married 10 years down the road, you're just like, who is this person I'm waking to? Like, you know, everyday and not just feel like they're just so far away from where they started and that can you find your way back to him, you know, and how do you do that? Now, I wanted to ask you as well, you know, you guys are both been in some romantic movies, The Notebook and Dear John, do you guys consider yourselves romantic? I mean, is there something that pulls you towards those stories? kinda gross. Not. I like, I love them. I love it. Yeah. I love, love. Yeah. That's his pamper sticker thing. wanted to ask you. Do you guys have some really cute moments in the movie that seem like they were impropt especially when you're at the chocolate shop, Rachel? Any kind of some Which is? chocolate in your hair. She was drunk, she was drunk on chocolate. I was drunk on chocolate, that is so true. Literally. it was Yes. I think you can overdose on just about any substance on the planet. I think that's a fact. And I think she's borderline on about to get hallucinogenic like on chocolate. Yeah, I was like really, bubbly and laughy and giddy for while and then I got really quite. That, I saw an evolution of it 'cause I was like she was just like [xx], yeah. then just like, yeah, yeah, oh my God. It was like rolling me up that

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