Reasons Why Jude Law and Sienna Miller Split Again Including Dogs and Sadie Frost

The Reasons Why Jude Law and Sienna Miller Split Again

We were all pretty shocked to hear Jude Law and Sienna Miller had called it quits again. The couple always seemed loved-up during their union but now details are emerging as to why their relationship didn’t go the distance the second time around. According to the Daily Mail, these were some of the factors: Jude didn’t like Sienna’s dogs because he thought they were messy; Jude liked to stay in and Sienna thought it was boring; and they had arguments over Jude’s relationship with ex-wife Sadie Frost. It seems as though most of Sienna’s relationships are very passionate but run their course quickly (like when she had romances with Rhys Ifans and Balthazar Getty). Jude and Sienna were first engaged in 2004 before splitting in 2006. They got back together in 2009 and ended things again a few weeks ago.

Source: Getty