Ryan Phillippe, Nicole Kidman and Eva Longoria at the Hollywood Foreign Press Association's annual grant luncheon 2010-07-28 20:30:00

Ryan, Nicole and Eva Do a Hollywood Lunch in Beverly Hills

Nicole Kidman, Ryan Phillippe and Eva Longoria got dressed up and headed to the Four Seasons in Beverly Hills earlier today for the Hollywood Foreign Press Association's annual grant luncheon. They were joined by a few famous Emmy nominees like Jane Lynch and Matthew Fox. Matthew talked to us about the possibility of a Lost movie, while The Big Bang Theory's Jim Parsons shared a few secrets about the upcoming season of his show, revealing that the premiere will fast-forward six months into the future and there will be a possible love match with Mayim Bialik from Blossom! The ladies rushed in to get into their seats on time, though Nicole looked stunning in her green tea-length dress and Eva in her sexy, black sheath number.

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Source: WireImage