Video and Pictures of Pippa Middleton Skiing Cross-Country in Sweden

Pippa Middleton Speaks! Listen to Her Talk After Her Cross-Country Ski Adventure

Pippa Middleton cross-country skied for charity on Sunday in Mora, Sweden. She completed a 56-mile race to raise money for the Magic Breakfast organisation, which provides meals for underprivileged children in the UK. Her brother James got in on the action as well. Pippa completed the course in 412th place for women in just over seven hours, while first place went to a Norwegian who accomplished the task in four hours. Once she crossed the finish line, Pippa was bombarded with a kiss from an admirer. She told the gathered press, "It was incredible and it was faster than I thought I would manage. Now I'm going to rest and put my feet up." There is also video footage that captures Pippa speaking for the first time! Watch Pippa talk above, and check out all the photos of her in action after the jump.

Pippa Middleton went cross-country skiing for charity.

Pippa Middleton completed a charity ski race.

Pippa Middleton skied for charity.

Pippa Middleton spoke after a cross-country ski race.