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DIY Video: Make Your Own Metallic-Sleeved White T-Shirt

DIY: Update Your White T-Shirt With Metallic Sleeves

A plain white tee is a wardrobe essential, and one of our go-to pieces year-round. So we decided to elevate our tee by giving it a little shine with metallic sleeves. We spotted shimmery separates on the runways at Prabal Gurung, Jason Wu, and Dolce & Gabbana, and an easy way to incorporate this trend into your everyday look is with today's DIY. Wear this top right now with some black cut-offs, or dress it up with a pencil skirt come the holidays.

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Hi it's Allison McNamara and you're watching DIY on FabSugar TV. Today we're taking a plain white tee and giving it a little bit of sparkle with some metallic sleeves. Here's what you'll need: a white tee, silver spray paint, silver fabric paint, sponge brushes, a small paper plate, painter's tape, and paper towels. The first thing you have to do is cover your space. You can use paper towels or use paper today. I'm using paper towels and the reason why you want to do this is because we have spray paint, and you don't want that to get everywhere. So now that we've got our place covered, it's time to start making our gentle. So what you need to do is lay out your top, and then you're going to take your painter's tape and use the seam here around the sleeve as a guide. That's going to show you where you need spray paint. Be very careful here because even though this might take a long time, this is going to protect your top from getting excess spray paint on it. We're going to do this both front and back on both sleeves. You really want to press down because you don't want any of the spray paint or the fabric paint to go underneath the tape and then ruin your top. And then you want to be very careful underneath the arms. Just make sure you really mark that well because that's the place where it can kind of mess up when you're spraying. Now that I've sectioned off my sleeve, it's time to cover the rest of the T-shirt. So I'm going to take my paper towel and basically just tape it down onto our stencil that we've created. That way we're protecting the actual shirt from getting spray paint on it. So again we're repeating the same thing on the front protecting our top with our paper towel. Next, we're going to take our fabric paint and our sponge brush and paint a thin layer on both sides of each sleeve. Sometimes I like to even stretch out the fabric. That way you really get into all the fibers. What this paint does is it acts as a primer so that the spray paint really sparkles. I think a really easy way to wear metallic for the daytime is with this top. So it's just a plain white tee with metallic sleeves. You could easily wear it with jeans for day or for a night out pair with some little shorts and some really high wedges. So like I said earlier, under the arms is where you really have to be careful, so when you're painting especially just make sure to keep your eye on that stencil. Now that I've painted both front sides of the sleeves we're going to wait a few minutes and then flip it over and repeat the same thing. So now that we've painted both sides, flip it back over to the front. Lay it out carefully. You want to make sure that there are no wrinkles or anything right now, so make sure it's really flat. And it's time to start spray-painting. My favorite part. So now that you've spray-painted both front sides you want to make sure the underarms look great, so what you should do do is hold it out and just give it an extra little spray to make sure it's smooth. Now all you need to do is wait till it's dry on this side, flip it over and repeat. All right, so now we're done. All you have to do is wait for it to dry. Spray paint dries really fast, it only takes about an hour or so. Leave it outside So it can breathe and you can get out of all the fumes, and now take off all the tape really slowly and carefully. Look how nice and clean our edges are. That's why you really want to press down in the the beginning when you're doing this. So we've taken off all that tape and the paper towels and here is the final result, a plain white tee with metallic sleeves. It's kind of got a futuristic feel and I really can't wait to wear it. one thing to know about this is when you're going to wash it, make sure you hand wash it by itself with mild detergent alone, in a sink, that way you don't damage your other clothes. I'm Allison McNamara, thanks for washing Today's DIY, and make sure to come back here for lots more.

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