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DIY Your Own Sporty, Striped Clutch Bag with Spray Paint: Watch Our Quick and Easy How-To Video

DIY: Create a Runway-Inspired Striped Clutch In Seconds

Bold, brilliant stripes graced the runways at Marc by Marc Jacobs, Proenza Schouler, and J.Crew, which inspired us to create a fun DIY around this playful print! Today, we're showing you how to make a vibrant striped clutch that is easy to make and stylish to wear. All you need is a clutch, spray paint, and masking tape — simple, right?

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Hey, it's Allison McNamara and in today's DIY I'm gonna show you how to make a bold striped clutch. Stand out stripes were seen on runways at Proenza Schouler, marked by Marc Jacobs and J.Crew, and a simple and affordable way to try out this trend is with the do it yourself striped clutch. Here's what you'll need, a clutch. This one's by American apparel, masking tape, and colored spray paint. The first step is to create your pattern with masking tape. I think stripes look best with different width so I've got 2 different sizes of masking tape. A thing to remember, you'll be spraying painting the exposed area, so keep that in mind when you're making your pattern. A tip here is to cover the zipper with tape so that spray paint doesn't get on it. Now that you're happy with your pattern, it's time to start spray painting. I suggest going outside because you you don't wanna ruin anything in your house. So, now that you're outside, take your spray paint and hold it at least 6 inches away, spray a thin layer across your entire clutch and let it dry and and repeat the step until you've achieved the color you like. Once it's dry, you peel off the tape and viola, you've instantly updated a basic clutch with bold stripe. We hope you enjoyed this easy and fun DIY and make sure to come back here for more. I'm Allison McNamara. See you next time on Fab Sugar TV.

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