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DIY Yourself a Pair of Studded Ballet Flats: Watch Our Easy, Step-by-Step Video And Learn How

DIY: Add Rock 'n' Roll Studs to Flats!

Why not start your working with a touch of craft? In today's episode of DIY, we're showing you how to add rock 'n' roll studs to a pair of ballet flats! This is an easy way to edge-up a pair of old shoes, and you can use this technique to stud loafers, sneakers, even high heels. All you need are some metal studs, glue, and tweezers, and you're ready to go. Watch how now.

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Hey guys, it's Allison McNamara and in today's DIY I'm going to show you how to stud a pair of ballet flats. Designers like Christian Louboutin, Boumon, and Balenciaga all showed amazing studded shoes for spring 2012. This is a great way to edge up a pair of old shoes, and you can even use this technique to stud loafers, sneakers, even high heels. Here's what you'll need: a pair of shoes, a sharpie, glass and bead glue, metal studs of your choice and tweezers. The first step is to figure out what pattern you want and where you want to put your studs. You can put them on the toe, the heel, the side, or all over, but today I'm going to put them just on the toe, and once you've figured out your pattern you're going to take your Sharpie and draw little dots on the shoe where you want your studs to go. That way you have a marker when you're going to glue. Once you are happypattern, it's time to start gluing. Today I'm using these gold studs, but you can use any that you want. Have fun with it. Now what you do, is you take your glass glue, and then you take your shoe, and you're going to apply a little bit directly to the shoe. Then, you're going to take your tweezers and pick up one of the studs and place it on the glue. You're gonna repeat this until you've covered your entire pattern and your shoe is studded. The last step is to let them dry overnight. And then you're ready to take them out on the town. I hope you and your feet enjoy this easy & stylish DIY make sure to come back here for more, and see you next time on FabSugarTV.

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