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Learn How To Waterproof Your Shoes, And What Products To Use

Learn How to Waterproof Your Shoes!

You no longer have to save your favourite suede pumps or your luxe snakeskin heels for dry weather. In today's How To, we're showing you how to waterproof your shoes — properly. From leather, to suede, and everything in between, take a look and see just how easy it is to protect your fancy footwear from harsh, rainy weather.

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Hi, it's Allison McNamara and today I'm gonna show you how to waterproof your shoes. There are a few important things to know right away. You need to get the waterproofing product for the material of the shoes. In general lotions, oils, and beeswax are great for conditioning and waterproofing soft leather. Spray on waterproofers are best for silk, suede, or snakeskin. Also don't ever waterproof materials like patent leather, shiny leather, sequins or hair, like pony hair. It will ruin the finish. Always test out the waterproofing product in a small area first to make sure it won't alter the color of the shoes. Make sure your shoes are clean before you start, and lastly, cover all embellishments by jewels or trim because a waterproofing product might damage them. For leathers, I like to use mink oil or a lotion like this one by Cadillac. Most of these work the same, but if you get a different brand, always make sure to read the directions on the back. So here's what you Open your mink oil and then take a clean towel and apply it generously to your shoe. And you really wanna rub it in. Let them sit for five to ten minutes until they're dry and then take a clean towel and wipe off all the excess mink oil. so now that you waterproofed you shoes all you have to do is wait twenty four hours before you wear them out in the rain. For suede, silk, and snake skin shoes, I like to use a liquid spray like Melconian. Start by shaking it. And then, take your shoe and hold it 8 inches away from the can. Then you're going to spray the entire shoe with even motion. Let them sit for 30 minutes and then apply a second coat. I hope today's how-to helps keep your favorite shoes in tip-top shape in the rain or snow. Make sure to come back here to FabSugar TV for more wardrobe solutions. I'm Allison McNamara, and I'll see you next time.

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