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Video: Learn How To Make Your Own Retro Pastel Sunglasses At Home

DIY: How to Make Retro, Pastel-Tipped Sunglasses!

Retro, pastel-tipped sunglasses were big on the Spring runways at Prada and Rochas, so in today's DIY, we're showing you how to make your own! It's really simple — all you need are some cat-eye sunglasses, pastel nail polish, and a sharpie. Watch on to see just how easy it is to re-create this look.

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Hi. It's Allison McNamara and you're watching FabSugar TV. For today's DIY, I'm going to show you how to update a pair of cat eye sunglasses with some really cool retro tips. We were inspired by the Roadshops and Prada spring runways. We saw cat eye sunglasses dipped in pastels ranging from mint green to peach. So here's what you'll need: black cat eye sunglasses, a black Sharpie, a clear base and top coat, pastel nail polish, and a glitter nail polish. The first step is to draw your outline so you know where you're going to paint. I start three quarters of the way across the frame and I draw a diagonal line so it's not so blunt. Repeat the same step on the bottom and on the other side. Apply your base coat and let it dry for ten minutes. Now it's time to paint on the color. Today I'm using this pretty sea foam green called Minted from Revlon. But you can use any color that you want. Depending on how thick the polish is, you may have to apply several coats. Just make sure you let them dry for 10 minutes in between each application. Now this is optional. Once you're happy with your color. You can add on some glitter polish for some sparkle. Today I'm using Essie's Pure Pearlfection. The last step is to apply a top coat to keep the paint from chipping. Let it dry for a few hours before you wear them. And now you've transformed your cat eye sunglasses into a cool pastel tipped retro pair. I hope you guys enjoyed this DIY. I'm Allison McNamara and I'll see you next time, right here on FabSugar TV.

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