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Is There a Difference Between Sparkling Water & Plain Water?

The Showdown: Sparkling Water vs. Plain Water

If you've swapped your daily fizzy drink habit for sparkling water, or like to drink the bubbly stuff because plain H2O can be boring, good news! Fizzy water is not only refreshing, it hydrates the body just as well as regular ol' water without any damaging effects to your health.

Although sparkling water contains carbon dioxide (which can be acidic), it will not erode your tooth enamel. In fact, the damage is so minimal that one would have to drink massive amounts of sparkling water in order to wear away enamel faster than it's renewed. Sodas, on the other hand, contain phosphoric acid, which dissolves the calcium in tooth enamel and weakens teeth. You may have also heard that carbonated water can leach calcium out of your bones and lead to osteoporosis, but no studies have been found to back this up.

Actually, drinking sparkling water may even keep calcium locked in your bones. One thing you should be cautious of is flavoured sparkling waters. While some varieties are enhanced with natural fruit juices, others contain sugar or artificial sweeteners that could lead to unnecessary calories. Some fizzy mineral water or soda water's also contains high amounts of sodium, which can contribute to high blood pressure. Lastly, opting for the bubbly may lead to bloating or gas — not ideal before a workout.

— Additional reporting by Emily Bibb

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