Jennifer Lawrence's Exercise Routine and Diet

How Jennifer Lawrence Stays Red-Carpet Ready During Awards Season

There's no doubt that Jennifer Lawrence shines on the red carpet and with the Golden Globes airing on Monday 13 we wanted to know how the starlet always remains looking so fresh-faced and poised. So to find out how Jennifer stayed healthy amid past awards-show circuit, we went straight to her trainer Dalton Wong. Keep reading.

  • Hydrate the right way: Late nights, champagne toasts, and indulgent meals can leave even the most glamorous Hollywood stars looking a little tired. "Staying hydrated is vital and so important for training and also looking good on the red carpet," says Dalton. The trainer says that Jennifer started each day with warm water with lemon, and continued to sip on water with added liquid chlorophyll to help keep her body balanced. To keep Jennifer from looking bloated in those body-hugging gowns, Dalton recommended that she drink peppermint tea. To get in those quality Zs, Jennifer ended the night with a cup of soothing chamomile.

  • Travel cures: "Flying across different time zones can really make you hold onto excess water," says Dalton. To ensure Jennifer never looked puffy, she drank dandelion tea to help reduce water retention, ate asparagus, a natural diuretic. Dalton also advised Jennifer to take a warm epsom-salt bath the night before a big event. Many believe that epsom salts helps to draw out toxins from the body and also soothe tired muscles.

  • Posture makes perfect: Standing up tall is so important when you're on the red carpet. "By improving posture, you get an instant 'feel-good factor.' It also makes you look thinner," says Dalton. The trainer has worked closely with Jennifer on exercises and stretches to help improve her posture and says that "shoulders back, chest up, and tummy slight drawn in equals an instant boob lift plus tummy flattener."

— Additional reporting by Zelana Montminy

Source: Getty