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4 Skin Care Ingredients You Should Be Avoiding

POPSUGAR has partnered with La Roche-Posay to protect your skin with the treatment it deserves.

Underneath the lush, pastel packaging of our skincare products, potentially harmful substances could be lurking, ready to wreak havoc.

Whilst we may be aware of what our skin needs to thrive — things like Vitamin C or collagen, for example — putting our favourite products under the microscope to delve into their ingredients could unearth why your cleansers, moisturisers and gels aren't working as expected.

If we're always looking to avoid potentially harmful substances entering our bodies, then avoiding them on the "outside" is just as imperative, especially when it comes to our skin's health.

So, if you're finding yourself uninspired by the results of your products, or are looking to ensure your skincare routine is as risk-free as possible, here are the ingredients you should be avoiding (and what to replace them with)...

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