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Anna Renderer

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Passionate about teaching and coaching fitness! Anna has her Bachelor and Master degrees in Clinical Exercise Physiology from Northeastern University. She is a certified Personal Trainer with the American Council on Exercise (ACE), and certified Youth Fitness Specialist with the International Youth and Conditioning Association (IYCA). Anna is the co-founder and CEO of KFIT Health, creating stronger and healthier kids, She has developed a DVD program called JUMPSTART YOUR HEALTH in collaboration with a Pediatrician to provide high quality nutrition and fitness education to children and their parents. Anna is the Health and Fitness Host for FitSugar TV, providing her expertise to create quality fitness education and present the latest fitness trends. Responsible for leading a team of trainers and maintaining high quality, premier fitness training, Anna is the Fitness Director at Burn 60 in Brentwood. As a performance expert for Gatorade’s Inside “EDGE”, Anna is writing about fitness and health tips for athletes. Since 2005, Anna has performed as talent in over 30 DVD’s including Under Armour® TNP Training, Gatorades G-Fit Performance series, EFI Gravity, BOSU Explode, TRX Fitness Anywhere, and Todd Durkin’s Performance Series. Anna specializes in weight loss and optimal performance training, coaching the last 6 years with Todd Durkin at Fitness Quest 10 in San Diego. She was the creator and fitness director of “Miss Fit” Women’s Boot Camp and led the Metabolic VO2 Testing program. In 2008, Anna developed SHED IT NOW™, a personal training and online fitness education program, She produced the “SHED 2 WED” DVD, helping women lose weight and get toned before their wedding. Anna continues to embrace the love for fitness and works passionately to spread her knowledge and inspiration to those who want to learn and adopt a healthy lifestyle.

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