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The A-Z Guide of Stress and Stress Management

If you feel permanently stressed but don't know why, read this. It's our quick and easy reference A-Z guide of stress, including who came up with the word, what causes it and how you can manage it.

A is for Acne Stress Control, Neutrogena's range that takes the stress out of skincare by treating existing blemishes and helping prevent future ones.

B is for baths. My secret for de-stressing.

C is for cortisol, a hormone released by your body in response to stress.

D is for diet. A healthy diet is a good way of maintaining balance in your life.

E is for exercise and endorphins. Do the former and the latter "feel good" hormone will be released, eradicating feelings of stress.

Keep reading . . .F is for four. The number of main categories of stress — eustress, distress, hyperstress and hypostress.

G is for good tunes. Music affects your mood so have a list of happy songs that you listen to when you start to feel stressed.

H is for Hans Selye, the endocrinologist who first coined the term "stress" in the 1930s.

I is for identifying
stressors and planning your day around them. Got a stressful work preso? Then plan a girly night out afterwards so the focus of the day isn't all about the presentation.

J is for just breathe. Shallow breathing is often a sign of being stressed, so take deep breaths to help soothe your body's central nervous system.

K is for keeping positive. Trying to remain positive or surrounding yourself with optimistic people is a good thing to do when you feel stressed.

L is for limiting alcohol, which can often exemplify feelings of stress.

M is for meditation, a great form of stress relief.

N is for not losing perspective. When you're stressed it's easy to freak out and think that the thing that's stressing you out is the most important thing in the world. Try to keep things in perspective and make a plan of attack. Automatically you should feel more at ease.

O is for outdoors. It can be tempting to say inside (under the doonar) when you're feel tired, stressed and miserable. But heading outside, to the beach or the park often relaxes you and forces you not to stew on a situation.

P is for positive stress. Yep, it's not all bad. Positive stress (also called eustress) is a short-lived thrill or excitement that you often experience in good times.

Q is for quiet times. Everyone needs them so don't be afraid to say "no" and turn down plans. A little me-time is necessary for everyone, especially when you feel overworked and pulled in too many directions.

R is for R&R. Book yourself a massage, take your book to the beach or go away for a weekend. Something that feels like a treat. And watch as stress slips away.

S is for sleeping well. Lack of sleep makes stressful situations 1,000 times worse so stock up on lavender and try to get your full eight hours every night.

T is for take a break. Sat at your desk all day? No wonder you feel stressed. Step outside and see what a difference a 10 minute break makes to your day.

U is for understanding. Understand that you may not be able to be everything to everyone. It's hard to say no, but sometimes, for the good of your health, you have to try.

V is for vitamin B, something your body requires more of during times of stress. Vitamin B5 is considered the "anti-stress" vitamin of choice so stock up!

W is for work-life balance. It's important to find a happy medium between the two worlds.

X is for (e)xpressing yourself. Don't keep things bottled up. A problem shared really is a problem halved.

Y is for yoga, a great way to sooth mind and body.

Z is for zen. Master the art of it for a stress-free life.

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