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10 "Facts" About Justin Bieber From His Someday Perfume Commercial

10 Things We Learned About Justin Bieber From His New Ad

We told you that Justin Bieber is launching a new fragrance called Someday in June and now you can check out his new ad campaign. We learnt a lot about the Biebs from his extensive campaign for this fragrance — which includes this commercial, print ads and even an iPhone app — and we thought we'd share our top ten findings. Want to get inside Bieber's brain?

Then just keep reading . . .

  • Justin is actually Peter Pan. Only with purple sneakers.
  • He is physically addicted to the ingredients in his latest perfume. Admitting that you have a problem is the first step and Justin has finally come out and said that he "can't get enough of [Someday] and can't stay away from [it]."
  • Justin loves me. The Someday iPhone app told me so, and iPhone apps never lie.
  • Justin is a generous young pup. All the proceeds from Someday will go to charity.
  • Justin would really like it if your mum wore his perfume. .
  • Justin likes Marc Jacobs. Just look at his homage in the Someday packaging.
  • Justin literally cannot do anything without Usher. Justin and Usher make up their own little two-man Wolfpack. The same woman, Honorine Blanc, even created both their women's fragrances. Blanc has also created scents for Beyoncé, Britney Spears, Gwen Stefani, J Lo and Sarah Jessica Parker..
  • Justin has his own very special Someday hashtag. #JBSomeday will be trending like crazy over the next month.
  • There is a Justin Bieber Someday launch countdown clock. There is also a Justin Bieber becomes of legal age countdown clock. Luckily, these two are unrelated.
  • Wearing Someday will make you feel like Justin is giving you a million seizure-inducing hickeys. We predict in-store fights and lots of fainting as girls around the world vie to get their hands on a bottle.
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