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100,000 Years of Beauty Book Release

Lust Have: 100,000 Years of Beauty

100,000 Years of Beauty (approx. $330) is a five-piece book set which was commissioned by L'Oréal. Consisting of essays written by over 300 academics, it aims to delve deep into the subject of beauty: the history, the practices and the psychology behind it.

You’ll learn more than you could ever have possibly imagined about things that you probably thought were a new fandangled practice. Case in point: To the ancient Egyptians, pale, smooth skin was considered beautiful so men, as well as women, used depilatory patches, meaning that manscaping has been around for centuries. Who knew?

Beautiful illustrations make the books true works of art and the perfect gift for any beauty nut. (The Allure girls have a quick rundown of fast facts to tide you over until pay day.)

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