These Are the Iconic ’90s Makeup Trends Making a Comeback

Getty / Ron Galella, Ltd.

The 1990s were a good time for music and rom-coms, but the beauty trends from that decade were a mixed bag (yet still undoubtedly better than the 2000s). Whether you loved looks from the ’90s or not, one thing is clear: there was no such thing as minimalism when it came to makeup. Celebrities and models were seen rocking everything from dark lip liner to bold, sparkly eyeshadow, and the maximalism didn’t stop there. Authentic ’90s makeup meant ultra-thin eyebrows, frosted lips, and even face gems.

While we may have at one point thought these looks were gone for good, some of the hottest 1990s makeup looks are currently making a comeback. These days, everyone is looking to embrace the maximalism and take their makeup looks to the next level.

If at some point you rocked some fabulously flipped ends or know the struggles of trying to wash off body glitter, then you’re a ’90s kid and therefore probably get weirdly nostalgic when you see a picture of stick-on earrings. Ahead, we invite you to take a trip down memory lane as we round up the best ’90s makeup trends of all time.

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