The President of Anastasia Beverley Hills Talks 2022 Beauty Trends and Who She Turns to for Inspo

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As a beauty lover and a self-professed eyebrow connoisseur, I’m all too familiar with Anastasia Beverley Hills. The brand, which was initially known for its eyebrow products such as the Brow Wiz (my personal favourite) and the Dipbrow, has now expanded its range to eyeshadows, highlighters, lipsticks and more. 

Claudia Soare, who is also known by her Instagram handle Norvina, is the president of ABH and the daughter of its founder and CEO, Anastasia Soare. 

One look through her Instagram will leave you inspired. Her out of the box beauty looks and campy style helps you understand exactly why ABH is at the top of its game.

Since being appointed president of the brand, Claudia has released her own makeup products under the name Norvina, featuring 25-pan eyeshadow palettes in every colour story you could ever need. It’s hard to find a beauty lover who doesn’t have at least one ABH item in their collection, and it’s for good reason.

POPSUGAR Australia had the chance to chat with the business mogul about upcoming makeup trends and who she turns to for beauty inspo.

POPSUGAR Australia: What makeup products do you think every person should have in their collection for 2022?

Claudia Soare: Cream products for complexion are a must. Everyday essentials are Magic Touch Concealer, Cream Bronzer and Stick Blush. They give you a beautiful, second-skin effect that looks naturally perfected & fresh-faced. Lips are a big trend for 2022 so Lip Liner and Matte & Satin Lipstick are staples in the makeup bag. Lip Liner can be used to line and sculpt the lip, plus fill the entire lip for all-over, matte colour. And of course, no collection is complete without brows. Brow Freeze is amazing for sculpting and taming hairs into place, while giving you all-day hold. Brow Wiz is a must-have for adding detail and definition.

PS: What kind of beauty looks do you think people will gravitate towards this year?

CS: I think we will see a return to glam but keeping those fresh-faced vibes we saw last year with the more minimalist trend. Natural and luminous skin is essential, it’s all about that fresh-faced glow. Lips will have a moment, especially lip liner for creating a contoured effect and that modern twist to the classic 90’s lip with a deeper liner/lighter lipstick.

PS: 2016 was the year of the bold and defined eyebrows (and the year of ABH Dipbrow!). We’re now seeing quite natural, bushy eyebrows circulating. What are the products people need to help create that look?

CS: We have amazing products to create that feathered and fluffy brow. Brow Freeze is key to creating this look and we also have the Brow Freeze Applicator that makes it super easy to achieve. Brow Freeze can be used first to lift and sculpt the brows into the desired shape using the spoolie brush. If you want more of a “laminated” look, use the spatula to lay the hair down flat. Brow Powder Duo is perfect for filling in the brow for a natural look. Apply the lighter shade in the front of the brow and the deeper shade from arch to tail using Brush 7B. Brow Pen is amazing for creating hair-like strokes in sparse areas of the brow, it gives you the look of realistic brow hair. Finish by applying Clear Brow Gel through the brow, this will blend the product through the brow and give you all-day hold.

PS: Why is eyebrow shape so important?

CS: Eyebrows balance the face and show emotion. One brow does not fit all, this is the entire foundation of Anastasia Beverly Hills. My mum, Anastasia Soare, developed her signature eyebrow shaping method based on the golden ratio to tailor the shape of the eyebrow to each individual’s face and unique bone structure. Using the Golden Ratio® Method, your personalised brows will outlast any trend.

PS: Are you someone who follows beauty trends? Or do you rock what you enjoy regardless of what everyone else is doing?

CS: Over the years, I have created my own signature look. Makeup is self-expression, I enjoy doing different styles and expressing myself through art. It’s all about creating a beauty story head-to-toe — the makeup, styling, and hair. I march to the beat of my own drum, always thinking outside of the box and doing the unexpected.

PS: What can we expect from ABH this year?

CS: We are always looking to the future and are so excited for the year ahead of us. Our goal is to continue to expand our line and launch innovative products that become staples in your makeup collection.

PS: Who do you look to for beauty inspiration?

CS: As a creative, I find inspiration in a lot of different places — ranging from art, architecture, photography, fashion and sci-fi. I’m also really inspired by all our amazing followers, there is so much creativity.

PS: What is the one beauty product you cannot leave the house without?

I couldn’t live without Crystal Gloss. I wear it every day and am obsessed with it. It is the perfect crystal-clear gloss. I wear it over bare lips or on top of lipstick. It’s so comfortable and gives long-lasting shine, plus it has a peach scent so it’s addicting.

Anastasia Beverley Hills is available in-store and online at Sephora and online at MECCA.

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